Toliver drains 3 to shut down Tulsa! 76-75

If you didn’t watch this game live, you need to check out Live Access and watch it. Words can’t do this game justice. From the beginning to the end, the game was exciting and riveting. Although the game was close, the Sparks ending with the W thanks to the Clutch Kristi Toliver.

Kristi Toliver, Candace Parker, and Nneka Ogwumike were the big 3 in this game. Toliver and Parker both had 16 while Ogwumike was right behind with 14. Kristi Toliver was playing a good game, but it wasn’t a spectacular game for her, until the end. Before her buzzer beating 3, she was 0-2. Even though she missed her first 3s, she didn’t hesitate with the step-back. Parker, who was averaging 20 points a game before they played Tulsa, wasn’t her spectacular either. Ogwumike took it into her own hands and brought the Sparks even closer.  These 3 led their team but ultimately it was Toliver’s 3 that won the game.

Tulsa shocked a lot of people in this game. Riquna Williams was the star player. She came off the bench scoring 19 points. She was a main part of the surge that gave the Shock the lead. She is a rookie that played better than most of the other players on the team. In third and fourth quarters, she exploded with points, rebounds, and steals. Temeka Johnson and Ivory Latta had another good game. They combined to score 24 points which helped the team stay in the game. Toliver hitting the big 3 was impossible to defend for Tulsa so they suffered a tough loss. Tulsa is a good team this year although they may not win many games.


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