Indiana continues streak against Liberty, 91-68

Once again, Katie Douglas and Tamika Catchings lead their team go victory except this time they had help from Roneeka Hodges. The team effort was excellent which lead to the win as well. Tamika Catchings led her team with 16 points although she only shot 50% from the field and beyond the arc. Roneeka Hodges had 15 points right behind Catchings. Jeanette Pohlen also had a good game scoring 12 points and grabbing 4 rebounds. Last but not least, was Katie Douglas scoring 11 points. Everyone on the Fever team scored and almost everyone had rebounds and dished out assists. The Fever are playing great basketball!

The Liberty haven’t found their rhythm yet. They are 0-5 and regardless of how good they actually play, they just can’t win. Plenette Pierson had a game high of 24 points. Cappie Pondexter scored 13 points to add to Pierson’s. Unlike the Fever, the entire team did not score although they were close. On the Fever team, there were several people in double digits but on the Liberty team, only Pondexter and Pierson scored. The other players had, at most, 6 points. The Fever were too much for the Liberty and unfortunately they play again today!


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