Atlanta Dream or NY Liberty

First, let’s talk about skill. Roster vs. Roster, there are no gaps for either team. Their starting lineups will match up well together. Angel McCoughtry is the leading scorer for Dream and Cappie Pondexter is the scorer for the Liberty. These players aren’t matched up these are the players that need to be shut down. When Angel McCoughtry doesn’t have 20+ points, that means that her team is actually involved. Someone like Cathrine Kraayeveld has come off the bench scoring. If Cappie’s not scoring someone on the team is such as Essence Carson or Plenette Pierson. Both of these teams have what they need to win.

Who has more hunger? The Dream are 2-3 this season. They’ve had their wins but have had more losses. 2 of their losses were to the Fever who were streaking until they were defeated by the Liberty a couple nights ago. The Dream beat the okay teams but couldn’t beat the good teams. Tulsa, which is a good team this year, only lost by 2 to the “great” Atlanta Dream. The Liberty just beat the Fever on June 3. They are still high off that game. The Dream lost to the Fever, and the Liberty just beat them, so the only thing left is for the Liberty to beat the Dream. The Liberty have more hunger. They are 1-5 and they just had a big game.

The bottom line of who wins is hard to say. Both have a good team with different stand out players. The Liberty are more hunger than the Dream but hunger doesn’t always win games. It’s going to come down to focus and how well basketball is played and the Liberty usually play it better.


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