The Minnesota Lynx will most likely win this game. The Lynx have many great players and they are currently 7-0. If they win this game, they will be 8-0 which is one game away from the WNBA record which is 9-0. The Lynx have beaten several small teams and they have what it takes to beat Seattle but when it comes to bigger teams, I’m not sure how they will fare. The Lynx haven’t lost main parts of their team and even though their record is good, they ars struggling with easy to beat teams such as the Mystics. The Lynx wont go undefeated too much longer but the Storm wont be the ones to snap the streak.

Seattle is extremely pitiful right now. Without Lauren Jackson, it’s like the Storm are stuck. Sue Bird, in the last 2 games, scores no more than 20 points. Their star guard isn’t doing the expected. She is trying to lead her team but she just can’t by herself. Ann Wauters was a poor choice to replace Jackson. She doesn’t have the scoring ability or the chemistry with Bird. The Storm aren’t the same team so you can’t expect them to play like it.


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