6/8 Game Day Preview

Connecticut Sun vs. Indiana Fever

The Fever have had a great season powered by Tamika Catchings and Katie Douglas. This team doesn’t have a perfect record but they certainly are playing well. The Sun are playing well too but not good enough to beat the Fever. The most interesting matchup in this game will be at the center. Tina Charles is going to square up against Tammy Sutton-Brown. Sutton-Brown is a good forward but it can’t be determined that she will be able to contain Charles. Charles is explosive and can drive or kick it out. She’s definitely a threat. Ashja Jones and Kalana Greene will not be able to win against Catchings and Douglas, they’ve been playing to well. These teams are evenly matched at the guard positions. It’s going to come down to Tina Charles and the CON bench and Catchings and Douglas  and the Fever Bench. Both teams have pretty decent benches depending on the day. The Benches and the key players are going to need to step out in order to win the game. That team will be the Fever.

New York Liberty vs. Washington Mystics

The Mystics and the Liberty are 5th and 6th in their conference so both teams are doing poorly. The Liberty have defeated the Fever and the Dream, two eastern teams that are vying for the top. The biggest Liberty triumph was the defeat of the Fever. The Fever have had a hot hand and the Liberty cooled it. The Liberty also defeated the Atlanta Dream, who they fell to earlier in the season. The Liberty are on a 2 game winning streak and I don’t think defeating the Mystics is going to be a problem. The Mystics have had a touch schedule, as has the Liberty, but the Mystics didn’t win against the right people. The Mystics beat Tulsa, which is a winless team. The Mystics have Matee Ajavon, who can be great but she isn’t consistent. No one knows if she’s going to come out in this game scoring 20 or 5. The Liberty have a definitely scorer in Capppie Pondexter. In the past two games, she’s averaged 25.5 points. If she continues that, she will lead her team to victory once again. The Liberty have everything it takes to win this game. They have the power to either win or lose, it’s in their hands and sorry to the Mystics but they are a small factor.

San Antonio Silver Stars vs. Atlanta Dream

Both teams are tied with 2 wins but that doesn’t really determine who wins this game. The Silver Stars had a huge game when they played the Lynx. The Stars, powered by Danielle Adams, came back in that game and took it down to the wire with the Lynx. If the Stars can do that to the Lynx, they should have no problem beating the Dream. In that Game Adams scored 21 points. She is a huge factor for the Stars and if she plays how she did in this game as she did in last game the Dream are finished. The Dream don’t have an answer for the low post position. Danielle Adams is going to run over Yelena Leuchanka in the center spot. If the Stars can all around stop the Dream, they will win.

Tulsa Shock vs. Chicago Sky

It is hard to say who is going to win this game because these are two good teams. The Shock have a good team except their record doesn’t show it. The Sky are a good team and their record shows it. The Shock have put together a good team and they are relatively knew. They are playing well together even though they aren’t winning. The Sky are winning games with the Prince/Fowles Duo. The rest of the team, for most games, aren’t a huge factor. The Shock need to shut down on of those two in order to win the game, and it is probably going to be Prince. The Shock have an excellent veteran guard. Temeka Johnson is a great addition to the Shock and Courtney Vandersloot won’t be able to contain her. Both of these teams have gaps that the other team can fill. I am hoping the Shock can get their first win but it is unknown.

Phoenix Mercury vs. Los Angeles Sparks

The Mercury, with or without Diana Taurasi, will probably not win this game. The Sparks are playing like a championship team. Sparks have almost everything they need this year, and what they don’t have, they are winning without. The Sparks have two starting lineups so it’s hard for any teams bench to defeat the Sparks bench. The Mercury have a thin bench because they are out of two big players. The Mercury really have no chance because they the Sparks have too many weapons. The Mercury could try to shut down Parker but then you have to worry about Nneka Ogwumike, Ebony Hoffman, and Jantel Lavender. Sammy Prahalis has a big job on her hands, she has to handle Kristi Toliver. Toliver is averaging 20.5 ppg and Prahalis is a rookie. That is going to be an interesting matchup and Prahalis just isn’t going to be able to stop her. Sparks all day.


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