Stars top the Storm, Th

Sophia Young and Danielle Adams led the Stars to an easy victory over the Storm.  Adams and Young combined to score 25 points. Adams is an ideal player you want coming off the bench. She brings a huge factor to the team when starts need a break. Adams is playing the same way she’s playing in college and it is working. Sophia Young is still leading her team to victory. Adams and Young have a great rotation. The Stars utilized these two players but the rest of the team did just as much work.

Danille Robinson and Shenise Johnson both had double digit games as well. Robinson started well and she finished well too. She finished with 11. Robinson is great at the 2 position but also at the 1. Coach Hughes knows where to put her and once again it worked. Johnson had a great game coming in off the bench and scoring 10 points. She was 2 of 3 from beyond the arc. Ziomara Morrison was another unexpected factor. She scored 12 points. Everything that left her hands was in. She was 100% from the line and beyond the arc and she was 3 of 5 from the field.

The Storm played good but the Stars played better. Shekinna Stricklen led both teams with 14 points. When she came off the bench, she started scoring and if she wasn’t scoring she was rebounding. She set a huge example for her team, but they couldn’t follow suit. She also finished the game with 8 rebounds. Tina Thompson and Camille Little both scored 10 in this game. Thompson hit a couple of long 3s surge her team but she couldn’t bring her team the W. Sue Bird led her team with 5 assists but she couldn’t catch a rhythm with her shot.  The Storm aren’t performing as they were and many factors are effecting their play.


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