Fowles powers her team past Seattle,74-58

Sylvia Fowles may not have led her team in points but she most certainly led her team to this victory. She is one of few WNBA players who average Double/Doubles and this game their was no change. She scored 16 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. In this game, unlike others, she was about even on where she got most of her rebounds. She usually has a higher number of rebounds on the defensive end but in this game she rebounded offensively and defensively. She shot 80% last night.

Epiphanny Prince led her team with 17 points and 7 assists, but we’ve seen her have better games. In this game, other members of the team scored, rebounded, and assisted to help the Duo. Ruth Riley scored 10 points and had 4 rebounds. Tamera Young, who has been involved lately, scored 12 points and also had 4 rebounds. The Chicago team is starting to fall together.

Seattle is still out of sync, from Sue Bird to Katie Smith. They can’t seem to get it together. Ann Wauters and Tina Thompson both had double digit games, but they were the only two that did on the Storm team. Ann Wauters scored 12 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. Sue Bird had 10 assists for the night and many of them were to Wauters. This was one of the better games this guard/post combo had. Tina Thompson came off the bench leading her team scoring 13 points. Most of her points came from 3 point range, which is expected. Her range makes her hard to guard. Camille Little, Tanisha Wright, and Sue Bird all had close to double digit games but they couldnt’ make the extra bucket. This entire team needed to score in double digits in order for them to have won.


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