Phoenix remains on top against Washington, 80-70

Sammy Prahalis is learning the game and quickly. She may not be the highest scorer but no one compares to her assisting ability. Once Penny Taylor and Diana Taurasi return next season,they will have a huge guard at the 1 position. She is showing herself to be a huge threat when it comes to passing. Last night, she had made herself a threat shooting wise as well. She had15 points and dished only 3 assists. Surprisingly, she had 7 rebounds.

Krystal Thomas started as the Center for the Mercury and she proved to be a great addition. She, too, scored 15 points but only had 6 rebounds. DeWanna Bonner led her team in points scoring 19. She had an endless game last night. She played a full 40 minutes and she didn’t seem to slow down. In this game she had 7 rebounds.

The Mystics were in this game up until the end and it didn’t fall in their favor. They had the opportunity to beat this injury-ridden team. Mo Currie and Michelle Snow led the team combining to score 41 points. They needed a few more players in order to win the game. The Mystics are missing huge players and because they don’t have them, they seem to be failing.


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