Sparks pass Tulsa, 95-79

Candace Parker had another spectacular game leading her team to victory! Parker is so fun to watch whether in person or on Live Access. She does things that no other WNBA player can do. She does things some things NBA players can’t do. She is so athletic and such a threat. She can score on your from the paint or with a long range 3. Parker can also play every position from 1-5. Last night, the Shock couldn’t stop her at all. Glory Johnson and Kayla Pedersen attempted to guard her but they couldn’t stop her from scoring 33 points, grabbing 8 rebounds, blocking 9 shots, and dishing 5 assists. She had several put backs, several plays to clean up, and many huge plays that surged the Sparks. She was phenomenal in this game and she’s making leaps and bounds to the MVP honor.

Nneka Ogwumike, Delisha Milton-Jones, and Kristi Toliver made the Shock scramble. Nneka Ogwumike is similar to Parker. She cleans up plays with a quick put-back or a quick dish. She comes into the play and adds a whole other factor that screws up defenses. In this game she scored 12 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. Delisha Milton-Jones had several great plays that kept the team alive. She scored 15 points in which several were jumpers from LA ball movement. Kristi Toliver is definitely another candidate for the MVP. She has so many great shots that cripples the defense. She destroys anyone she is guard and not many can keep up when she has the ball on a fast break. Last night, she scored 22 points and led her team with 6 assists.

Tulsa played a good game although the score doesn’t reflect their efforts. It wasn’t until late in the game where the Sparks extended their lead. The Shock had different surging moments but they couldn’t surge enough to take the lead and win the game. The Shock had several big plays that led a rally but as soon as Carol Ross took a time out, the Sparks would come out with a new mindset. Several players on the Shock team scored in double digits last night but rookie Glory Johnson led the team with 19 points. Johnson did good defensively and offensively. On the defensive end, she guarded Candace Parker and she did a good job. She forced a couple turnovers but she couldn’t shut Parker down completely.


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