Seattle tops Connecticut in OT, 89-83

This was a good game to watch aside from the fact it went into overtime. These two teams competed to the end and the better team always wins in overtime and that proved to be the Storm. Camille Little led both teams in points scoring 27. She was everywhere in this game and it helped her team tremendously. She was only 1 rebound away from a double-double. She was good on rebounding, great on scoring, and good on the defensive end. She was 10-13 from the field so it seemed like every thing she shot went into the basket.

Tina Thompson was huge in this game as well. She scored 20 points and 9 of those were huge 3s from NBA range. Thompson is so hard to guard because she can literally shoot it from anywhere. NBA range is normal for her so if you don’t step up she’ll drain it in your face. But if you do step up, she will either hit it in your face or go around you. She proved to be quite unstoppable in this game as well. Not only did she score 20 points but she also grabbed 7 rebounds and led her team with 4 blocks. Sue Bird scored 11 points and led her team with 8 assists and 3 steals. Ewelina Korbyn scored 13 points as well.

The Sun, led by Kara Lawson, played a good game throughout but they couldn’t accomplish the task in overtime. Kara Lawson scored 22 points for her team and also 3 rebounds. Although that was heavy, it wasn’t enough for her team. Ashja Jones and Tina Charles both had double double and combined to score 28 points and grab 15 rebounds. Allison Hightower also added 16 points to the team score. All these factors were on point until overtime. The Storm went up early and the Sun just couldn’t shine.


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