Stars defeat Fever, 88-72

329.JPG (382×575)The Stars are streaking right now and they’ve defeated everyone they’ve come in contact with. They haven’t stopped for anyone. The Fever weren’t about to stop them either. The Stars have a huge team! They have so many different threats that turn on and off that other teams can’t adjust. Every good team has a great leader and the Stars leader is Becky Hammon. Becky Hammon has led her team to all these victories. She may not be the leading scorer, in this game she was, but she leads her team. She scored 19 points and dished 3 assists. Although those stats are phenomenal the on-the-court leadership was the biggest part.

Several players scored double digits last night. Jia Perkins was one of them those double digit scorers that isn’t always a huge threat. When Jia gets into games, her team wins. Depending on the team, once she gets hot, she doesn’t cool until the end of the game. She was a very huge part of the Stars come back. Sophia Young and Danielle Robinson were both big players as well. They combined to score 29 points and grab 10 rebounds.

Briann January, Katie Douglas, and Tamika Catchings were the big three in this game. They were all great but they couldn’t keep it up late in the game. January scored 16 points, Douglas scored 19 and Catchings scored 17. It was nothing but those 3 in the first half. Once the Stars started rallying back, they didn’t stop until they had the lead and went on to win the game. The Fever went through a stretch of missed shots and then they began to lose composure. Tamika Catchings did a huge job on the defensive end grabbing rebounds but that didn’t stop the Stars.


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