Game Day Preview 7-8

Washington vs. Tulsa

Washington has been playing poor lately and although Tulsa hasn’t been able to win, they’ve been playing good basketball. Crystal Langhorne leads her team to victory 0 of 10 times. It is extremely likely that she is going to be the leading scorer. The Shock have everything they need except a big post person. The Mystics don’t have that size so these teams should be evenly matched. The Shock do an excellent job at coming back from large leads. The Shock should win this game because they are a quick scrappy team. It is unlikely that the Mystics will have that quickness to rally back. This game goes to the Shock.


San Antonio Silver Stars vs. New York Liberty

The Silver Stars are going to take this game. They’ve been on a huge streak. They haven’t been beating lousy teams either, they’v beaten some good teams and they’ve continued to play as though they are playing the best WNBA teams. The Liberty aren’t a bad team this year but they can’t seem to get it together. The Stars have all their ducks in a row and they are ready to shoot down the Liberty.


Atlanta Dream vs. Los Angeles Sparks

The Sparks should win this game but they don’t play back-to-back games very well. When they do play back to back games, they seem to have an unwanted disadvantage. The Sparks are coming off a win so it is likely they will win but the Dream have certain factors that don’t always show up that could change this game. Angel isn’t a factor because she shoots all the time and regardless of her 20+ point game her team can still lose. She doesn’t make or break the team. There are many other factors that contribute to the teams win or loss.


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