Back to Back



Two straight nights and two straight wins for the LA Sparks who are currently on a 3 game win streak. The Sparks started the weekend playing the Storm, who actually haven’t been able to beat the Sparks at all this season. The Sparks however did not decide to take it easy on the Storm; the deficit of that game was 24 points.

The best thing about this game for the Sparks, was that they were able to maintain enough momentum to get the BIG win…[Unlike earlier this week when they had a 20 point lead over the Lynx, cut down to just 6.]

Also I would like to highlight the Sparks great shooting from the FT line! No one seems to notice it, however that is truly what helps them win close games. In the Storm game, the Sparks were 14-15 on the line.


Krisit Toliver, the young lady that seems to be running all of the shots! “KT” lead the Sparks both of these nights in points. Bringing her weekend total to 42 points, 8 assist, and 5 rebounds. Toliver pretty much had her way in the 16 pt Dream win! Although the Dream do have many guards, KT seemed to be having fun as she weaved her way in and out the pick and roll.

We all are aware that KT can shoot, however many people are overlooking how well she is handling the ball. Being that she is not a natural 1, the Sparks should feel blessed that KT has matured so much and taken on the role as leader so quickly.

One thing is for sure, LA is not just Candace’s stomping grounds anymore.

Move over everyone… The KT money train is coming through!!


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