Sun defeat Mystics, 77-70

The Sun are short 3 players but they still seemed to get the W. The Sun had an easier team to beat and they proved to do so good. They lead throughout throughout the first half but in the second half, teh Mystics began to surge back after haft time. Once again, Tina Charles and Kara Lawson led the Sun in yet another game. Tina Charles scored 16 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. She lifted her team with her points but her rebounding was a bit off in this game. In this game, she had to battle hard against bigs instead of the ball just falling into her hands because she’s the tallest and biggest.

Kara Lawson led her team in points scoring 17 points. She also dished 3 assists. She was shooting 3-5 in the game and her 3s came at good times. She’s an inconsistent player but in this game she had a good amount of points and she helped her team stop the surging Mystics. Tan White was an unspected factor in the game. She scored 11 points.

There were 5 players for the Mystics that scored in double digits. They made a huge stint off the bench in the second half but they couldn’t get the win. Noelle Quinn was huge off the bench. She scored 10 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. Quinn came in and out for her team and she did a great job. Crystal Langhorne led her team, once again, led her team with 15 points. Right behind her was Matee Ajavon with 15 points. Michelle Snow was the true leader in this game with the only double double. She scored 10 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. She was a huge rebounder in this game. Langhorne and Snow combined to grab 20 rebounds. They were down quite a bit after the first quarter but they couldn’t rally to win.


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