Surprise BlowOut


The Sparks and the Silver Stars are arguably the top two teams in the West this season. Before last night, these two teams had met twice. The Silver Stars pulling away with the dub both of those times. It almost seemed like Becky and her gang were unbeatable; being that they got wins over the Sparks and the Lynx. Although the Sparks did got drugged by the Silver Stars in both meetings, I still believed that the main reason the Sparks were playing such ugly basketball against the Silver Stars; they were tired. Both recent meetings were back to back games for the Sparks. Meaning that would play another team, and then play the Silver Stars right after. And of course, lucky for the Silver Stars, who always seemed to be well rested during Sparks games. Whatever the case may be, it was evident that the Sparks vs Silver Stars 3rd match up was surely going to be a sight to see.

However no one could have ever imagined the Sparks actually blowing the Silver Stars completely out of the arena.

Picking a player of the game is so difficult since the Sparks are truly the only team that understand teamwork.

You have so many players such as Kristi Toliver shooting 3’s from the parking lot; Or even Candace Parker who only scored 6 points, however brought in 10 rebounds and 6 assist.

The player that I would love to give the ball to, is Alana Beard!!

I can not write an entire report on her now [since we do our own player spotlights.] However I would just like to point out to everyone, that she has earned her stripes. No one really knew what to expect of Beard. Being injured for such a long time, it almost makes you worthless in fans eyes. As a Sparks fan, I can honestly say I do not believe the Sparks would be as good as they are today without Beard. Having KT run the point is exciting of course because she plays like a street hooper. But we all know KT is a natural 2 guard. Beard takes so much pressure off of the Sparks, who are still missing their PG Zoll due to an torn ACL. Beard left the court with 21 points and 3 steals. That’s pretty dope for a veteran that some believe is a rookie. haha. Go Sparks!!!


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