Race for 4th: Sky vs. Liberty

The WNBA regular season is coming to and end and teams are starting to feel the playoff pressure. The Western Conference is all set up with who is going and who isn’t making any more trips. The East is a completely different story. The Chicago Sky and the New York Liberty are vying for the 4th spot in order to contend in the playoffs. These two teams are so close that they both need to step up big time if they want a chance at the 2012 championships.

The Chicago Sky started their season off great! Epiphany Prince and Sylvia Fowles were one of the best duos this season. Prince always always scored in the double digits and Sylvia Fowles always rebounded in the double digits. They were a great team until Prince got injured and the team fell apart. No one stepped up big enough to fill the shoes of Prince. They started their season off with a good chance of making it to the playoffs now fighting for the 4 spot.

The Liberty had a terrible start. Cappie Pondexter wasn’t playing like herself, Plenette Peirson went down with an injury, and their Most Improved Player stopped improving. Even though they started poorly, they have been doing some great things in the last several games. The Liberty split their last 10 games. While the Liberty are improving, the Sky are declining. The Sky are 3-7 in their last ten. Liberty just beat the Sparks who are undeniably one of the best western teams. The Liberty are having some big upsets which is boosting them mentally. The Liberty have the 4 spot right now and if they continuum with the same energy as the Sparks game, they won’t have a problem getting the 4 spot.

Chicago has to face the 2 best teams in the West in the next few days while the Liberty face the Washington Mystics twice. Both of these teams need wins but needless to say Liberty will have an easier time than Chicago. The Liberty were able to defeat the Sparks but Chicago may have a tougher time. Chicago has their work cut out for them. The Liberty  need to stay focused if they won’t to keep that 4 spot.


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