Message To The Fans

Hello everyone! You guys might have noticed by now that post-game blogs have been running extremely low this past month. And for that, we are sorry. We have been meaning to to inform everyone one of how busy we are–only we have been too busy to finally tell you guys lol!

Yes, the senior writers of The Movement are in college now!!! As if the studying isn’t time consuming enough; both of us are actively involved in sports and clubs. Since the college life is still fairely new to us, we are trying to figure out how to make time for everything.

However please do not get the wrong impression! We are not quitting the movement. We’ve worked too hard to close up shop, and we care about you guys too much.

This letter is only to make sure you guys understand that we are not slacking on blogs for a simple reason. We will continue to write blogs, however they just won’t be as frequent. We will try to produce more videos instead because they’re less time consuming.


PLAYOFFS ARE COMING!!!!!! Which also means the WNBA Lottery draft thingy!!!! Who deserves the top pick guys????


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