Seattle Storm vs. Minnesota Lynx

The Seattle Storm and the Minnesota Lynx are two different teams. They have different strengths and different weaknesses. Both of these teams have to capitalize on these weakness on these weaknesses in order to the first game and ulitmately the series. The clear underdog in this situation is the Storm. The Lynx are the defending champs and they are going to make it past the first round.

The Seattle Storm doesn’t have much of a change when it comes to playing the Lynx. The Storm didn’t have a good regular season without Lauren Jackson and the few players they traded. Even with the return of LJ, they did’t bounce back to be the team they were last year. The Lynx are 3-4 in the regular season. Seattle has to really review the game in which they beat the Lynx. They need everything to go the exact same way in order to win. The Storm have what it takes to win, they’ve proven that, but do they have what it takes in order win twice in a 3 game series. Sue Bird is usually the leader of her team and she hasn’t been doing the best she has. She is playing mediocre which is exactly how her team has been playing.

The Lynx have the advantage. They have the best record in the west, they’ve beaten some of the best western teams, and they are thirst for a repeat. The Lynx aren’t unbeatable but with this poor Seattle team, the chances are likely for them to win. The Storm have missed Lauren Jackson but with her they still aren’t a great enough team conquer. Seimone Augustus has had one of her best years and all she needs is another Championship to finish a great season. The Lynx are a good team on a good day. They have there beatable moments. Not only is Seimone Augustus ready for another repeat but the entire team is. Maya Moore is also thirsty. She’s been playing great as well. Rebekkah Brunson has still been on fire for her team. Her rebounds each game help her team immensely. In almost every game, she has been the rebounding leader. She averages more rebounds than any player on the Seattle team, although LJ’s stats are short due to her absence. The Lynx have the upper hand in almost every situation. If they lose, it will be there fault and have little to nothing to due with the Storm.

“Any team can be beaten on any day” – Lisa Aldridge

It is very possible for the Lynx to lose this series, but it is extremely unlikely and improbable. The Lynx are definitely advancing to the second round where they will face either the San Antonio Silver Stars or the Los Angeles Sparks.


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