Lynx defeat Seattle (2-1)

The Lynx should have sweat this #4 team but instead they beat them 2-1. The Lynx didn’t have huge wins against an easy team to beat. The Lynx are going to have a hard time defeating the Sparks the way they are playing.

There really isn’t much to say about the Lynx. They played terribly! They played 20x better in the regular season than they did the post season. They do not play like they deserved the #1 seed. Yes they won the series but they only beat the Storm by 8 which was there biggest win. Seimone Augustus was the only player that was great throuhgout the series. She scored at least 20 points in each game which helped her team but it couldn’t advance her team further. She seemed to be the only player that was playing at the same caliber of play. Rebekkah Brunson did her usual job at rebounding although her rebounds didn’t always help . She battled against different bigs on the Seattle team which lowered her normal rebounding average but she still managed to get her team second chance points.

The Seattle Storm played very great against this team. The OT game should have been given to the Storm. They played such great games but they couldn’t get the win. The Storm didn’t have just one person they lead the team. Different players stood out in different parts of the game. Shekinna Stricklen led her team in the first game with 13 points and 7 rebounds. In their DOT win, Sue Bird led her team with 22 points. Even though was scoring, she found time to dish 7 assists. Sue Bird and Camille Little led the team in the 3rd game and it came up a little short. The entire team played great but they weren’t able to get the second win.


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