Sparks sweep Silver Stars

The Sparks and the Silver Stars are two great teams but unfornuately only one team can actually win and that team was the Sparks. The Sparks have so many threats in their team and in this series they used them all. The Stars competed well but when it came down to the line, they couldn’t win a 3 game series.

The Sparks did a great job containing the Silver Stars. The Stars are good at coming back on teams but unfortunately they couldn’t on the Sparks. The Sparks played great in the two games. Kristi Toliver was the 2012 Most Improved Player and she continued to play like it in this series. She dominated in both games showing off her shooting ability as well as passing ability. Candace Parker, the true MVP, was great as well. She did everything she could in order to insure that her team advance to the Conference Finals. Parker  shot from everywhere and rebounded from everywhere which helped her team immensely. In these two games she scored 57 points and grabbed 18 rebounds. Kristi Toliver added a total of 52 points. This dynamic duo was at it again in this series and they will try and continue their playoff stint past the Lynx.

Danielle Adams and Becky Hammon were the backbone of this Silver Stars team. They were leading in game 1 but the Sparks overpowered in the 4th quarter. These 3 players kept the Silver Stars alive in both these games. Hammon is a great leader and continued to lead her team even though they suffered the loss. Danielle Adams, once again, was playing like veteran player. She offered so much power and force off the bench and that stimulated a stint from the starting lineup. Becky Hammon put up numbers scoring 34 points in both games although she only had 9 assists. Danielle Adams always comes off the bench powering her team. She scored a total of 29 in these two games.

The Silver Stars aren’t done growing as a team. Next year, they will be just as good if not better and I know they are going to do another push in the playoffs.


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