Sun sweep the Liberty

The Liberty weren’t ready to win. They tried and they ultimately failed. The entire team was lackadaisical  Cappie Pondexter who usually leads the team didn’t this time and it definitely stopped the team dead in their tracks. Game 1 was close but the second game they weren’t so lucky. Pondexter led a huge comeback in the second quarter but they didn’t build that into a win. The Liberty demolished the Sun from the Free Throw line but the Sun did everything else better. Pondexter has been playing good but not great and her team needed her to play great in order to win. Other than Pondexter, no one put in a good effort. Essence Carson, Plenette Pierson, and Leilani Mitchell didn’t play how they normally do.

The Sun, on the other hand, played better they aren’t playing like a championship team. Tina Charles, who was the 2012 MVP, wasn’t consistent in anyway. She could have played much better but she might have felt that she didn’t need to because her team was winning regardless. Both of these teams had only 1 player that showed out and for the Sun was Tina Charles. She played great in both games but wasn’t spectacular. The entire team, including Tina Charles, is going to have to do much better in order to beat any of the teams in the West.


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