Lynx take a turn and sweep the Sparks

The Lynx were the clear underdogs in this game and they actually won. The Lynx played terribly against the Seattle Storm. They played so bad they even lost a game to the 4th seed. Apparently their coach had a lot to say and they bounced back against they took the first two games. These two teams played great during the season and it was clear they were going to meet in the conference finals but the outcome was different than expected.

The Sparks were the definite favorite before this series but they didn’t pull out the win when it came down to the line. The Sparks had everything they needed. The Lynx did not win this series, the Sparks lost. They controlled who won. The Lynx are not a better team even though they won the series. The Sparks lost composure in the first game. If you were to check out the stats of the first game, you wouldn’t think the Sparks lost 94-77. Kristi Toliver, Candace Parker, and Alana Beard all had great games. They were the triangle of offense, but when you look at the bench, no one really played at the same caliber. Nicky Anosike led the bench scoring only 7 points which is lower for her and the entire bench. The Lynx in this game had 4 players who scored in double digits as well as 2 players that came off the bench scoring 9. The Sparks didn’t play as they usually did and they deserved that lose. The Lynx had a few bench players that stepped up to help win the game. The played a good game over the Sparks.

The Sparks bounced back in the second game but not as expected. In game 2, the clock expired before the Sparks could continue their run. The Sparks had a chance to win but they couldn’t capitalize. Alana Beard had a good game but in the final stretch her shots just weren’t falling. The Sparks were playing as they usually did with energy. Both teams had leads then blew them but it came down the last quarter. The Lynx were leading the Sparks 65-57. They lost this lead like most teams usually do because the Sparks always have a great 4th quarter. The Sparks continued to rally back into the game until the last few minutes in which they couldn’t grab the win.


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