Ringless No More

I think we all can honestly say that we we were trying to hold off tears last night. We all were able to maintain our composure….until Tamika herself began to cry. Catchings, never been the first player to show her emotions. In fact many people often question, “how can you be so good and have no emotions after hitting that fade away jumper??” I believe that statements such as that will never be uttered again in regards to Tamika. Now i’m sure every single article right now is saying every thing I am saying. How happy it is to see such a deserving person/player get a ring!!!!! Although I am overjoyed for Catchings, I truly must say that she’s not the only person I would like to talk about.

I can honestly set her and talk about nearly every player on this Fever team, because in my own opinion, this was the first title that I have ever seen in the WNBA, that was a TEAM EFFORT!!!!

[Let me clarify. Although there are many titles that have been claimed by teams playing as a unit; I feel like for the first time, there was a team that did not even closely match up with their opponents..on paper; and yet they won the title.]

This girl here ——->

All I can say is………………. RESPECT!!!!!!

I have the utmost respect for this woman!!!! As i’ve stated before, I have always liked Zellous. But I could not give you a reason for me liking her. I couldn’t talk greatly about offense like I could say Kristi Toliver. However I always got this feeling like she could truly be a key player for the Fever one day.. Welp, that day has came and gone, and in the blink of an eye, this woman here is a CHAMPION!!!!!! Although Catchings was the clear MVP of the series, I think we all can agree that if Zellous had not stepped up offensively, than we would all be preparing ourselves for a Game 5………hell actually the Lynx would already be the repeating champions!!!! I feel as if I have been able to watch a flower bloom right in front of my eyes. From game 1-2 Zellous was starting to trust herself. Little by little she was scoring, playing good defense. Then you starting to see her in Games 3 and 4 taking fade away shots as if she truly believed that she was the best player on the court! I love that about her game! I can go on and on about this girl, but I will just stop here. Let me just say again… RESPECT!!!!

Last but most importantly….. I keep this simple…



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  1. thanks! I agree, it was a great team effort! much respect for Zellous, stepping up! Tameka is a class act and deserves it all!

    always remember,God loves you and so do I.

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