WNBA Trade Central

Before every season, or sometimes during the season, there are huge trades that are made. Trades that we would never expect seem to come out of the blue! This year was no different!

20130401-171134.jpgLindsay Harding, previously of the Atlanta Dream, is now with the Los Angeles Sparks. Harding was a huge factor in much of the success of the Dream last season. She was a great point guard that helped circle the ball throughout her team. She was a great asset to Angel McCoughtry as well as her team. She had several big games that sealed wins for the Dream and there’s no doubt she will continue to do the same for the Sparks. Last year, Kristi Toliver was one of the main guards for the Sparks. She was a great court leader and created great opportunities for her teammates. Harding is going to do the same. Harding will also be reunited with former teammate Alana Beard. There’s going to be a great chemistry that this team finds and they are going to have another great year with a huge possibility of a championship.

20130401-171319.jpgThe Mystics have acquires Ivory Latta from the Tulsa Shock. Every since Latta has been in the WNBA she has changed the dynamics of each team she has played with. She is a well rounded player. She can either be your top scorer or your top contributor. She takes the position you need her to take. For the Mystics, she’s probably going to be a scorer. They have a little trouble in their back court and choosing her was a great selection. She’s a 6 year player that still brings huge energy off the bench and can lead. If the mystics use her to their advantage she will definitely change the game for them.

20130401-171426.jpgTemeka Johnson is headed to the Seattle Storm. Last year with Tulsa she proved to be the team leader. She averaged a career high 12.2 ppg with this team an improved her 3-point range percentage to 53%. She is exactly what the Storm needs in their time without Sue Bird. Bird and Johnson have similar stats in their past season so it should be a good fill. Lauren Jackson and Bird’s chemistry might not be there but I’m sure Johnson and Jackson will form a bond that might help this team bounce back.

20130401-171517.jpgJanel McCarville has returned to the WnBa and she is now with the Minnesota Lynx. She is now reuniting with fellow gopher Lindsey Whalen. There’s two have great chemistry in colleens so there’s a possibility it might be rekindled. McCarville has played in the WnBa since 2010 so it’s likely she may not improve the game as much as expected. Rebel lag Brunson and McCarville will make a great team in the grit court.

cheryl fordThe Liberty always find ways to get great players, this season is no different. This year they acquired 3 great veteran players: Cheryl For, Katie Smith and Deanna Nolan. Cheryl Ford is a huge player! There’s not gonna be many people that can stand toe to toe with ehr. Granted, players like Candace Parker are going to give her a run for her money but she just as strong if not stronger. Katie Smith is going to be a great leader. She might not lead the team this year in points or rebounds or assists, but she is definitely gonna add some wisdom. Deanna Nolan has all the tenacity in the world and that’s gonna be great on the defensive end. She is going to change the game defensively for the Liberty. All of these players are going to bring a huge charge to the Liberty. The Liberty also gained draft picks that will increase their team as well. They have the most draft picks in the entire draft. They have so many chances for great picks. They are looking for defense and they got it in all these players.

~ LB


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