2013 Washington Mystics Team Preview



The Washington Mystics have acquired quite a few players that will change the game for them. Last year, their season didn’t go as planned but maybe this year, with their new draft picks and new acquisitions, their season will turn around. The Mystics have some great strengths but their strengths don’t carry them far. This year, they’ve tried to fill their weaknesses so they can have a more successful season. The Mystics are a good defensive team, they make stops and force turnovers on the defensive end but they physically can not score. They have a lot of post players which is usually good but once you stop their post players, they offense is over. In the draft, they definitely need a scorer and some perimeter players.

This year from the draft they picked up Taylor Hill, Nadirah McKenith, and Emma Meesseman. Taylor Hill is a guard from Ohio State University She is 5’10 and will definitely be a good part of their team. She average 15.3ppg during high school. She’s a good free throw shooter so if she can get to the line she can really rack up some points. McKenith is from St. John’s and she is a similar player to Hill. She’s going to help her team from the line and with some quick assists. Their last draft pick, Meesseman, is from France. She’s a center they’ve acquired. She’s going to add to the height that the Mystics already have. These players increased the guard depth on the bench as well as adding some variety at the center position.

Chrystal Langhorne does everything for this team. She is the leading scorer and leading rebounder. Without her, this team doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She does a lot for the Mystics but now she has help. The Mystics not only have great draft picks but they also got Quanitra Hollingsworth, Kia Vaughn, and Ivory Latta. Ivory Latta is definitely going to effect this team in a great way! She was one of the leading scorers for Tulsa and with the team the Mystics have, she’s going to be great. Shannon Bobbit and Latta will make a great backcourt for scoring and playmaking. Kia Vaughn has always been a great player. She was the Most Improved Player in 2011 and she’s kept improving throughout the years.


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  1. When New York’s team preview is coming?

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