2013 Seattle Storm Team Preview

Seattle Storm vs. Minnesota Lynx

The Seattle Storm are going to have a rough season regardless of who they bring in. Their whole team dynamics have changed and it’s going to be hard for the team to bounce back. The Storm have tried to bring in people to fill the PG and C spot but Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson being out this season is a big blow.

The first pick for the Storm in this draft was Tianna Hawkins. She’s a Forward from Maryland that has a pretty good rebounding game. She isn’t the best but when the Storm need her she will help out on the boards.  She isn’t the best scorer but she is going to help Seattle out in the long run. Chelsea Poppens was the 18th pick and she is another big rebounder that the Storm will definitely need. The Storm are a team that don’t commit many fouls They don’t enjoy losing free points on the line and in college Poppens was a huge fouler. That may not fit in well with the Storms team. The last player they selected was Jasmine James. Jasmine is a good player and her defense is going to be good. She is a great defender. She comes up with so many steals and that’s going to help generate some Seattle offense.

The Storm lost Bird and they made a good effort to try and replace her Temeka Johnson. Johnson has played for a few different teams in the WNBA so she definitely have the experience. She’s going to bring leadership and be a good point guard. Last year, she played for the Tulsa Shock and she has had one of her best seasons. She brough a lot to their team even though their record didn’t show it. She’s going to be the same kind of player now that she’s with the Storm. Tanisha Wright, Shekinah Stricklen, and Tina Thompson all need to step up their game if they want to have a winnings season. Thompson needs to perfect her range so they can count on he to sink a 3 when the team needs it. Shekinah Stricklen will definitely be on and off the bench helping her team get it together and score. Wright will probably be the face of this team because she has the experience the tenacity to get after things. These 3 players are huge in the success of this team.


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