2013 Connecticut Sun Team Preview



The Sun! The Sun! The Sun! Last year the Sun had a huge playoff but they didn’t come away with the Championship. They have all the Championship pieces but they can’t seem to get it. They got one of the best picks in the Draft by picking up Kelly Faris. Faris is probably the best defenders this draft will see. Any team would be lucky to pick her up. She may not be good at anything particular but her defense will definitely carry her team. The Sun picked a great player to add to their team.

Tina Charles is the reigning MVP and I know she’s going to be thirsty for a Championship. Last year, Charles had huge competition with Candace Parker from the Los Angeles Sparks. If Charles wants a another MVP season and a good look at the Championships, she will have to work twice as hard if she wants to beat Parker.

I’m not sure how the Sun continue to do well. When you look at their roster nothing jumps out but when you see them play, a different player stands out a different time. Renee Montgomery does a good job at holding her team together. The Sun have had moments where they could have lost composure and lost the game, but Montgomery keeps her team level headed and composed. Coach Donovan is definitely a huge part of their success. She knows exactly who to put on the floor that will make the game change. She knows exactly what to say in huddles and during halftime that wakes her team up and keeps the spark. She controls her team very well and it proves to help immensely.

The Sun can have another good season if they continue to make things happen.


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  1. thanks for the info! I always enjoy your e-mails! thanks again. LET’S GO LIBERTY!

    always remember,God loves you and so do I.


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