2013 Indiana Fever Team Preview


The Fever are hot off the trail of Championships. They haven’t lost a single person and have gained a great draftee. It is very possible that the Fever will repeat this season if someone from the Western Conference doesn’t stop them. The Fever have a good team and they use every person to be successful. There is a big chance that they will have another successful season.

Tamika Catchings is such a phenomenal player. She deserved the Championship last year and I believe she is thirst for another. They have a really good chance of doing it again and I know she won’t settle for less. In 2011 she was the League MVP and last year she was the Finals MVP. She has Most Valuable Player written all over her and that’s exactly what she is for the Fever.

Tamika Catchings has a lot of help being successful. Briann January and Katie Douglas do a very good job in the background creating plays, leading fastbreaks, and sealing games. January does a great job at PG position and Catch has fallen into the forward spot very well. The Big 3 for the Fever are huge for this team and Coach Linn Dunn knows it. Coach Dunn has kept her team going constantly reminding them of their goal. She is also a big part of their succes.

The Fever now need some depth and their draft selection helps them out. The Fever chose Layshia Clarendon this year during the draft. She’s going to add to the depth to the guard spot. The Fever are in need of a deeper bench. There were games where Douglas, January, and Catchings nearly played the entire game. The Fever are definitely getting after bench depth this year.


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