2013 Minnesota Lynx Team Preview

Minnesota Lynx Logo

The Lynx are one of those teams that you look at and you say, “They have the key to success.” The key to success for them is Seimone Augustus. If it weren’t for Augustus this team would not be nearly as successful. Augustus is a leader when she’s on the floor and when she’s off the floor. When she was injured for a season, she still lead her team. Augustus is definitely one of the best players in the league  She is such a great scorer! It’s hard to say in words how much she actually does for this team. You definitely have to watch her play in order to see her skill at work.

Maya Moore is another good player for the Lynx. There aren’t many moments where she’s been shut down. She was a huge part of their Championship runs. She has a huge presence for the Lynx and I know she will continue to do that throughout this season. Rebekkah Brunson is a HUGE factor the Lynx. She is a great rebounder and usually grabs anything that leaves the hoop that isn’t a bucket. Devereaux Peters is now within her second year in the league and I know that she is gaining experience each day. She has the height and the skill to fit right into this team and I’m sure she won’t change that this year.

The Lynx now have Janel McCarville. She hasn’t been in the WNBA for a couple years but she will hopefully come into the season better than when she left. McCarville will be another post player and that will add another factor that the Lynx can use. All the Lynx need is every player to be versatile and they are half way there. The Lynx will continue to be a playoff contender.


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