2013 Phoenix Mercury Team Preview


The Phoenix Mercury were outrageously lucky to get the first pick. It’s unbelievable! The Mercury haven’t had a good season in years so I’m sure they want this season to turn out better than the last few. The Mercury haven’t been the same since Cappie Pondexter left and went to New York. The Mercury have a definite playoff spot but who knows what is going to happen.

As you already know, Brittney Griner was the  #1 draft pick and she went to the Mercury. She is literally the face of the Mercury. Phoenix is hoping that she will bring a spark that will ignite this team. The team without Griner is good but she’s hoping to make this team great. Griner has some work to do though. She’s got to change her mentality from college to the WNBA. She’s got bigger, stronger, more solid players to battle against in the paint. She isn’t going to block everyone’s shot, or shut down these veterans. Griner is going to have to go back to the fundamentals and body these women if she wants to be successful. The Mercury can make her into a good player and that’s exactly what she has the potential to be.

Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor are both back from injuries. These two always have great chemistry with each other and with the rest of the team. Taurasi has been with this team her entire career and she’s become one of the leaders. She does a great job at the 2 position. She can either pull up with the shot or take it through the lane and get fouled and end up on the line. Taurasi does a good job making sure the foul gets called. Taylor is a good all around player. She usually stays in the 3 spot and rounds out PG and SG position. When they are in a zone offense, she makes huge outside shots from the corner when the defense is rotating. Taylor is a threat when she has the ball.

Last year, they picked up Sammy Prahalis from Ohio State. She turned out to be a good PG and a great pick for the Mercury. She has to continue to step up if she wants to fill that spot again. Candice Dupree did a good job last year but she could have been such a bigger and better player. When Dupree is involved in games, the Phoenix offense is automatically different. She is the player that will go after it and punish the opposite team but she isn’t consistent. On defense, she could force a lot of turnovers and grab a lot of steals but she doesn’t always commit. Dupree needs to have more tenacity this year.


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