2013 Tulsa Shock Team Preview


The Tulsa Shock over the years have had all the pieces but it seems they never do anything with it. This year is no different. They had the 3rd pick of the 2013 and they made trades that rearranged their roster. They’ve made several improvements and there is a possibility that it may finally work.

The biggest point to talk about with the Shock and the draft is Skylar Diggins. The Shock always picked up good players when it comes to the draft. Kayla Pedersen is still one of the most underrated players on their team. She performed great in college but she didn’t get the chance to show that on her team. This year if she performs as well as she did in college and how well she could potentially perform that will change the game. Glory Johnson was another draft pick that proved to be a great choice. Both of these players are young and when they get to a good spot on their team, they will improve the team immensely.

During the offseason, they picked up Candice Wiggins. Candice Wiggins and Skylar Diggins were planning to be on the same team since their college years. It is no shock (no pun intended) or surprise to me that Wiggins is with the Shock. She is going to bring a little veteran experience and points to their score. They also have Nicole Powell which will add some veteran experience as well as another forward. She’s not a great player but she can sink 3s when her team needs it. The Shock have all the components but only time will tell if they are going to use them.

Liz Cambage has decided to return to the Shock this season so I’m sure she’s going to be filtered in quicly. The Shock are going to use her to their advantage now that they have her. She’s coming from Australia where she played with some of the best Australian players. She will undeniably have to step up her game to compete with the World’s best players.


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