3 to See, Memorial Day Action

I would like to start off by thanking all the members of the Armed Forces that have served our country, whether that is past, present, or future. We appreciate all your courage and dedication!

The Tulsa Shock started the action against the Washington Mystics. This was a great game and ended in a Mystics overtime win! The Shock had a phenomenal game but experience won this game! Although this was not the Shock’s first game, they were apart of this Memorial Day Action. Skylar Diggins, the number 3 pick, led her team the entire time through regulation. She was making plays for herself, but also for her teammates. Diggins ended the game with 11 assists. She is great at the PG position, especially with the absence of Candice Wiggins. Her game didn’t falter until overtime began! Overtime was a new experience for her. Sue Bird, during some between games commentary, said in college there aren’t mant overtime games but in the WNBA, every game might go into overtime. She didn’t have the experience, or the ability, to lead her team in the extra quarter. She began to miss shots and make simple mistakes. This is the beginning of the season and I definitely expect her to find her rhythm and to really step into that PG roll that the Shock are in desperate need.

Elena Delle Donne did it for her team today! Phoenix had no answer to her! The closest one was DeWanna Bonner and Delle Donne still went around her. The thing about Delle Donne is that she didn’t change her game because she was in the WNBA. She might have turned up the intensity but she is playing the same way she did in college. She is definitely a fundamental basketball player! There was not a single thing she did wrong in this game. She ended her rookie debut with 22 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, and 4 blocks! She did so much for the Sky team. There were so many opportunities that Prince made for her. Prince and Delle Donne are gonna be a great team this season. Delle Donne is a great scorer from anywhere on the floor. She can shut it down on the drive, or pop the 3. She showed both of these in this game! If the Sky continue to play like this, they are definitely a huge playoff contendor.

Brittney Griner ended her rookie debut with 2 dunks in a single game. She had a huge 2 handed dunk, and another dunk a couple feet from the basket! She is the only player in the league that vertically dunk the ball but it isn’t gonna help if her team is down by 20 points. Griner needs to be able to do more than dunk and block shots. She has to move her feet and play solid offense and defense otherwise she can kiss a great season goodbye. She had some moments where she played fundamental basketball and got into the paint and put up a nice shot, but most of the game she was trying to go through players and over players. She is not the only big in the league she’s gonna have to stop playing like she is. Griner has the potential to be a great player and I think once the season gets on its way and once Coach Corey Gaines gets her off her pedestal , she’ll become such a great player!


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