Standout Players

No team is the same in this 2013 WNBA season. Each team has a drastically different roster. There are a lot of different injuries this season for many different teams. There are so many teams whose dynamics have changed due to the injuries of key players. Even without injuries, some team’s chemistry was thrown out because of trades. Each team is going to need players to step up and build the team up.

Phoenix Mercury: The Mercury had the first round draft pick and selected Brittney Griner. Diana Taurasi is now healthy and Penny Taylor is working back into the lineup. Griner and Taurasi seemingly were the duo to beat but Chicago definitely shut them down in their season opener. Griner has a lot to learn about the league and Taurasi and Griner still have to find their rhythm. Although these two players are going to be good together eventually, the player you want to see is Dewanna Bonner. Bonner kept hope alive for all the team. She created plays and opportunities for her teammates but she also did hard work on the defensive end stopping Elena Delle Donne and forcing some turnovers. She was th3 6th woman for her team and she is definitely fighting for her starting position. Even if Bonner doesn’t start, she is still going to be fantastic for this team!

Washington Mystics: The Mystics received Ivory Latta from Tulsa in a 3 team trade. Ivory Latta was pretty silent with the Shock. She was never really hit the same caliber of play as she did in college. She definitely has this opportunity with the Mystics. She really helped her team out when they faced her former team. She was a huge part of their overtime success. She was the leading scorer for her team and she not only scored, but she passed the ball and created big plays especially in overtime. That is definitely where she was most successful. If she continues to play like that the Mystics have a chance to make a playoff run. Latta has great chemistry with several of her new teammates and it is going to make a huge difference for her when the season is well on its way.

Chicago Sky: Elena Delle Donne is a standout player by herself, but with the help of Epiphanny Prince the Sky have a definite chance at playoffs. Delle Donne was huge in her debut game. She shut down much of the Mercury team and continued to be a huge scorer on the offensive side. Griner, a fellow rookie, couldn’t stop her. Delle Donne said that she is used to having a double team on her so it is easier just to be guarded by one person. She has had so many different things thrown at her in college because she was so big and so athletic. The same thing is going to happen I the WNBA because she is doing the exact same things. Prince set up so many opportunities for Delle Donne including a huge 3 that Delle Donne put in after a Prince crossover. Prince is so quick and has so much court vision. These two are going to by dynamic this season!

New York Liberty: We’ve seen time and time again that Cappie Pondexter is an excellent player. We’ve also seen that he can’t do it by herself. She needs another Liberty player to step up and help her this season. That player this year needs to be Essence Carson. Carson did an excellent job in their past game and definitely lifted the tram to an OT win. She is such an amazing player and adds so much the Liberty, whether she starts the game or comes off the bench. She’s going to be another huge player in the league and definitely will be a huge 6th person for the Liberty.

There are going to be a lot of game changers this season and almost every team is going to need one, and will eventually have one! I’m not sure which players are going to step up but when they do they will change the team dynamic!


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