Welcome to the Movement Website

The WNBA Movement consist of a group of people who have joined together to become the largest virtual support group for the WNBA. This movement began on Twitter, but has expanded to other social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Ustream. This is definitely not the end of expansion, but just the beginning! There are much more great things that will come into fruition in the future!

Our #1 goal is to support and promote the WNBA as an overall organization worldwide. Everyone in this movement is from an different state in the US. Not only are we in different states, but we also have several members who live in other countries, such as France and Australia.  Together as a team, we are united to achieve this goal.

The WNBA is on it’s 15th year of play. It is currently listed as the most popular female sport league organization; However dispite the hundreds of thousand of fans, there is still an great amount of people who are not aware of this wonderful league. We, The WNBA Movement, are here to show people just how amazing this organization is. The WNBA has paved a path for many young women and young men in this world. Whether they pursue a professional basketball career or not, this league shapes them to become what they set their mind to.

Not only does this effect young women, but it affects older women as well as men. There are a lot of men who have looked to the WNBA, not the NBA, for strength. The women in this league are strong and passionate individuals and their passion flows throughout everything they do. They are the perfect example of people doing what they love to do, and then giving back with another love they have. These women are not all basketball, they embody other things as well, for instance, Cappie Pondexter (5 Time WNBA All-Star) also does a lot with her fashion company, which she helps other WNBA players get into their fab ways with stylish outfits. Also, Essence Carson has a passion for music that she exhibits outside of her basketball career.

The WNBA Movement is here to spread the word about the WNBA. These women, these Athletes, do too much to not be recognized. They all deserve much more than what they receive. Our goal is to do just that; give the players the recognition they deserve.

So stick with us as we lead the way! The WNBA Movement is filled with people from all over the world who do NOT know what the term “quit” means. No matter what, we will see to it that these players, our Idols are respected!!


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