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Here at The WNBA Movement, we like to show the fans a more personal side of the players, after all these players are people too! Check out these interviews and Ustreams that we have gotten the players to do for you, the fans! If you dont see your favorite player on an interview or Ustream, then leave a comment below asking us to contact that player! Also tell us which format you guys prefer, here at the Movement, we consider interviews as old fashioned, simple, and plain. Lets show these players some 21st century love!


Sharnee Zoll is a record breaker from Philly and University of Virginia Alumni. She holds the Atlantic Coast Conference assist title. She’s also the only guard to have 3 seasons where she had at least 200 assists. Zoll is out this season due to a torn ACl but she’s working hard recovering. She’s currently with the LA Sparks and when she comes back, the team will explode! We’re all excited!
“Hi Sharnee! Thank you for meeting with me so soon!”
SZ:  No problem! Thanks a lot for this interview.
1. “Well first and foremost, welcome back to America!! I see where you spent the offseason playing for a Poland team. How different is the culture out there?  What did you like about it?”
SZ:  Poland is really nice. It gets really cold in the winter but that is to be expected. I took classes to help learn the language so it was extremely fun for me. I most enjoyed the history of the country and all of the places that I could see. They actually just finished building the largest Jesus statue which was previously in Brazil.
2. “What’s the coolest city outside of America that you’ve ever visited?”
SZ:  The coolest city I have ever visited has to be Madrid. I love everything about the Spanish culture and it was simply amazing there.
3. “Speaking of cities, I see that you had a very interesting childhood. Did you enjoy living in so many places due to your mother’s service in the military?”
SZ:  My mom being in the military definitely allowed me to travel more than most. I didn’t like having to always make new friends and leave but I can now appreciate all that I was able to see.
4. “When did you first pick up a basketball?”
SZ: I first picked up a ball at about 5. My dad played and I would always follow him around so it may have been younger.
5. “Who are some of your greatest role models bball wise?”
SZ:  My number one role model is Dawn Staley. I’ve tried to emulate my game after hers . Also Jenny Boucek is an amazing spirit, person, and coach.
6. “Who/what is your favorite NBA player or team?”
SZ: Favorite NBA team is the Philadelphia 76ers (obviously imma Philly girl) and I guess my favorite player playing is Kobe Bryant.
7. “ So you are currently the leader for assists in the ACC. How did it feel to surpass a legend like Dawn Stanley?”
SZ:  It is something I can’t explain with words. Like I said before she is my idol and to be able to break a record that she held is just mind blowing for me.
8. “If you could compare your style of play with any basketball player, who would it be and why?”
SZ: Again it would be Dawn Staley.  She is a smaller point but is extremely tenacious and wants to win at ALL costs. She was an amazing leader and had the ability to win games without scoring.
9. “Unfortunately you are currently sidelined with an injury, however I do see that you refuse to let it “bring you down” per say. How are you able to maintain such a positive attitude during challenging times?”
SZ.  I keep my faith in God and know that He will never give me more than I can handle. Of course it is extremely hard for me to be out right now but I know that with Him and the support of my family I will be back better and stronger than ever.
10. “It sure must make you feel better knowing your team is 15-6 !”
SZ: The girls are playing great. They bought into Coach Ross’ system and are playing well as a team. I am so proud of them!
11. “Is there a certain quote or motto that you try to live your life by—Besides YOLO? Lol.”
SZ:  Lol I guess it would  be hard work pays off! To get to where I am today I have had to put in the work. Nothing was just given to me and it makes it that much sweeter when you earn it!
12. “So when you don’t have your Nikes laced, what could you be found doing?”
SZ: I am a home body. I love to relax and watch movies. I love to read and to play word games.  Oh and if I’m not home laying down I’m on the beach laying down! I love the sun!
13. “Are you a tattoo fiend? If so, how many tats do you have?”
SZ: Lol I wouldn’t call myself a fiend but I do love to get my tatts. I have 17. But I try to keep them hidden.
14. “Are you another WNBA stereotype—Meaning do you have a cute little dog as well?” 
SZ: Yes I have a little son. He is a teacup Yorkie! He is my world.
15. “And lastly, what would you like to say to Sparks fans? What can they expect you to bring to the table once you recover?”
SZ: Once I get back Sparks fans can expect to see someone who will play every game like it my last. I’m a pass first PG so you will see me share the ball and you will see me lead with a passion to win.
“Thank you for taking the time to conduct this interview. We are wishing you a speedy recovery!!”
SZ: Thanks very much!!
—————————————————————————————————————————————————–Remember to follow Zoll on Twitter [ @SharneeZoll ]
Also check her out on her new website!!! [ ]


Essence Carson, the Rutgers alumni, standing at 6ft tall, is hands down the best 6th woman in the league. How can I makes such a broad statement you ask? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that Carson is a true starter. The only reason Carson comes off the bench is because she has that “spark plug” which coaches love! Think of her as the female version of Lamar Odom! This season alone Carson is averaging 15 points, three rebounds, and two assist. This stat sheet is epic, however do not allow only her stats to impress you! Essence Carson is know through out the WNBA for being one of the best defensive players! Defensive+ Offensive= Clearly a champion.

1. How old were you when you started thinking seriously about playing in the WNBA?I was 12 when the WNBA began. At that point I had something to work towards as an athlete. It allowed me to challenge myself even if I was the only person in the gym.2. Do you have any pre game rituals?
I don’t have any pre-game rituals, but I do attend chapel before every game.3. Is there anything you do thats special when you’re about to shoot a free throw? 
I wouldn’t consider it special but I do use the same routine when shooting free throws. Maintaining the same routine allows your muscle memory to kick in.4.How did you feel when you found out you were going to be reunited with Cappie Pondexter?
When I found out I would be reunited with Cappie I was excited. I was excited because not only would I be able to be with my sister, but I would be able to play alongside one of the game’s greatest players.5.  How did you create the name Pr3pe?
The name Pr3pe comes from the image I had at the time it was created. As a scholar, prep is just self explanatory. Also, it was because of the style of clothing I wore at the time which was a ‘preppy’ look.6. Who encouraged you the most to become a musical artisit?
I have many influences from the likes of Michael Jackson, Elton John, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, B.I.G, Otis Redding, Temptations, etc. The list can go on for forever. I am just a fan of great music.7. What is the weirdest song in your IPod?
Chumbawamba- tubthumping8. We all know you like to joke and laugh, have you ever thought of becoming a comedian? 
No, I never have. I just like to have fun.9. What has been your most embarrassing moment?
Lol, you really think I’d tell you?!

10.  We know the love of your life is Champ, your Pug, have you ever considered getting him a friend?
Yea, I’ve considered it a few times. It’s just hard for me right now because I travel so much. Training a dog isn’t easy and they need a lot of attention.

11. What car is your dream car? Or are you riding around in it?

An all black Lambo would be nice huh?


Courtney Vandersloot was selected as the #3 overall draft pick in the 2011 WNBA Draft by the Chicago Sky. As you know, Courtney started out as a Gonzaga Bulldog, but she’s in the big leagues now! But before the big leagues, she was one of the top dogs in her league. She has won so many different awards and honors for being the sensational basketball player she is. If you’ve ever watched her play, then you know that she is like the NCAAW Steve Nash. She can thread the needle with her passing. But not only can she pass but she is a great shooter.

1) Did you inherit your love of basketball from your parents or did you get it from somewhere or someone else?

CV: My parents got me involved in bball at a young age, my dad was my coach until I got into jr high.

2) Do you like the nickname “Court” or do you go by Courtney? 

CV: Court works.

3) How are you enjoying the Windy City? 

CV:  I love chicago so far, it’s a huge sport town which I love.

4) Seeing how you were the #3 overall draft pick, have you been recognized?

CV: No body knows who I am here I kind of blend in which is nice.

5) Do you have any games you are exceptionally excited for? 

CV: I am excited for all games but especially the west coast ones.

6) Are you feeling homesick?

CV: I am not homesick my fam will be out here a lot and I love my new team.

7) Now that you are in Chicago, are you a Bulls fan?

CV: I feel obligated to root for Chicago it would be great for the city if they won it all and I’m apart of that now.

8) We all know that Basketball is in your Top 5, but what else interests you?

CV: I  like laying low. I shop alot and kinda just relax and watch a lot of movies.

9) What is your favorite Ice Cream?

CV: Cookie Dough.

10) Do you have any tips or drills that help improve shooting & passing?

CV: Just repetition and a lot of game shots

11) We’re there different aspects of your game that you had to change to keep up with the competition? 

CV: I have to be more vocal and learn to pass it around bigger and longer players. Also being able to react quicker.

Thanks “Court”! Can’t wait to see you play for Chicago. Hope you have a great season!


Essence Carson Ustream:

We all know what monster Essence Carson is on the court, this segment is strictly personal. Get to know the comedian and artist, Pr3pe


Tiifany Hayes(Uconn Womens Basketball Player)

This Uconn Guard was the very first college athlete that the WNBA Movement was able to convince into doing a Ustream for the fans! Enjoy Ms.Hayes Ustream and check back on the site for a possible interview from her before the start of her final season at Uconn!


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  1. I want to go to UConn for basketball. It’s been my dream forever..

    1. Dreams come true by hard work and faith!

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