Mercury grab first win in OT against Fever 93-89

Phoenix comes up with a big win in OT against the Fever. The Fever looked like they had this one in the bag but Phoenix came back to tie it up sending it into overtime. Both teams played a good gay but Phoenix was able to edge out the Fever.

Diana Taurasi made this game for Phoenix. She made great shots, great passes, great plays. She was just great in this game. She is definitely crowned the MVP of this game. She was one of the main scorers in this game and really contributed as far as points. In this game, she was more composed than others and I think that helped their team greatly. She scored 32 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. She also dished out 2 assists to her teammate. Her stats were’t completely distributed but without her in this game, Mercury would’ve suffered a huge loss.


Phoenix also had a nice team to battle into this win. Candice Dupree had some awesome stats in this game. She scored 21 points and grabbed 18 rebounds. She wasn’t the MVP because she didn’t do much with herself. Stats surely aren’t everything. Yeah, she scored 21 points and grabbed 18 rebounds, but her presence wasn’t known on the court. She missed a lot of easy shots, especially towards the end and she didn’t really make good decisions throughout the game. Phoenix’s game MVP was Marie Ferdinand-Harris. She made the difference in this game. It’snot all about stats,it’s about presence on the court and team work. She came off the bench and helped the Mercury go on to win their game. She was working on offense and working on the defensive end. She really kept things on fire with the Mercury. She lit up the scoreboard and scored 17 points. She also grabbed 3 rebounds and dished out 2 assists. She played 22points and shot 42% from the field as well as 100%  from the line.

The Name of this Fever game was Davenport! All you heard was Jessica Davenport throughout the entire game. The Fever used her Matchup against Candice Dupree all game. Candice Dupree is quicker than Jessica Davenport, but Davenport powered passed her like she was a guard. Dupree’s low post defense was obliterated by Davenport all game and that really made a difference for the Fever. Within the first few minutes of OT, Jessica Davenport fouled out. If it wasn’t for her fouling out, I believe the Fever wouldn’t have lost this game. They really milked the matchup. She scored 20 points coming off the bench and grabbed 9 rebounds. She had a great game!

Jeannette Pohlen and Tamika Catchings together made this game as well. They both scored 17 points and had great games on Defense. Jeanette is a Rookie that really isn’t playing like a Rookie. She also grabbed 2 rebounds and dished out 1 assists. Tamika Catchings grabbed 15 rebounds and dished out 4 assists. She stole 2 balls from the defense as well. They both had great games that lead to OT but they couldn’t capitalize after regulation.


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